Individual Therapy

The partnership we create is designed by both of us with in a process of collaboration. My part of the partnership includes the use of all my knowledge, techniques and tools to help reach your goals. Therapeutic goals usual include increase awareness and capacity for self observation, change behaviors and cognition, and develop insight and empathy. There are three focus points: Choice, Clarity, and Change. Often we are challenged by the complexities of our lives to change ineffective behaviors, take responsibility for our choices and develop new skill to move ourselves out of stuck places.
It is important to renew our commitment to ourselves and the others in our lives to gain control over where we direct our actions, develop clarity about oneself to enhance our relationships and to be our best self.

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Expert Approach

Donna J. Cole, LCSW has a master’s degree from one of the top rated programs, Smith College School for Social Work. I have continued my education to develop a well balanced mix of psychotherapy theories, methodologies and techniques for working with couples and individual. This enables me to provide a multi-dimensional approach to our work together.
Advanced Psychodynamic Therapy is designed to focus on revealing the unconscious content of the psyche in an effort to alleviate internal conflict.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, EMDR, is a powerful, effective way to help people who suffer from trauma, anxiety, panic, disturbing memories, PSTD.

Thought Field Therapy is a revolutionary blend of Western psychotherapy and Chinese medicine that uses the body’s meridian energy system to treat emotional issues.

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EEG Neurofeedback helps you to harness the power of your brain for optimal effectiveness in business, sports, and life. Peak Achievement Training helps build better focus, stay alert, think smarter and create happiness.
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Couples and family therapy is also available.

If you believe you and your loved ones may benefit from couples and family therapy, we are here for you.

Refining the Mind in Denver, CO.

Refining the mind refers to a process by which an individual retrains the brain to react to stimuli in a more healthy and positive manner. If an individual suffers from anxiety, the brain may be retrained to remain relaxed when the individual is confronted with anxiety triggers. If an individual is having problems with grief and sadness, the brain may be retrained to move past the recurring thoughts of sadness and loss. There is hope. Refining your mind will help you look at life in a new light.

Once you have decided to consult with a psychotherapist, making the first appointment is a major step. If you live in the Denver, CO area, make an appointment to meet with me. We will forge a partnership and explore those issues that are making your life difficult. We will select an avenue of therapy that is right for you.

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment, we will discuss the reasons you are seeking therapy. We will identify the areas of your life for which you are seeking a change. Perhaps you are dealing with sadness or grief. Maybe you are seeking relief from anxiety issues. Your life may have taken a recent change in direction. You may have emotional concerns or relationship concerns. During your first appointment, we will explore the reasons why you have decided to consult with a psychotherapist.

You can expect a non-judgmental environment of acceptance and trust from those in our office. We will discuss therapy options that are available to you to address the reasons you are seeking treatment. You are an active part of the process. In fact, our relationship is a partnership and your well-being depends on our partnership being a successful and productive one.