Couples and Family Therapy

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Your intimate relationship is most likely the most important relationship in your life. If you feel that something is not right with your relationship, don’t wait until it is too late. I provide a safe, accepting environment to share and explore issues that are hampering your relationship.

Premarital counseling enable couples who are arranging their first wedding or for those who are entering a second marriage to have an assessment of their strength in eight areas of connectedness and to learn tools to enhance their communication skills.  This approach as been found to effectively develop a strong healthy, long lasting relationship system.

If you both are willing to work on the relationship, couples counseling can work to help you save your relationship.

Learn new ways to communicate with one another. Learn to confront problems in a healthy and non-threatening manner. In many cases, couples simply need to learn to communicate more effectively with one another.

We will explore the issues you face as a couple and we will meet individually, if needed. Don’t wait until the relationship is over before you decide to do something about it. Explore the problems in your relationship in a comfortable, non-judgmental and safe environment. Couples and family therapy may just help you move through a difficult time into a better, more desirable situation.

If you live or work in the Denver, CO area, meet with me to explore your options.