Relationship Therapy Denver CO | The Refined MindEEG Neurofeedback is an effective solution to many imbalances within the brain that include attention problems, traumatic brain injury (TBI), anxiety and depression, as well as learning disorders. By monitoring the brain activity with the use of computer software, we are able to train our brains to get specific cognitive patterns that may aid in relaxation and attention span to help us become more efficient in our daily tasks. Training the brain to react differently to stimuli often provides a non-pharmaceutical therapy for the treatment of certain disorders.

Neurofeedback teaches your brain to react differently to stimuli while allowing you to choose your reactions. Training your brain to unlearn harmful and counter-productive responses and learn healthy, productive responses in their place is the basis for neurofeedback treatment. Neurofeedback is not painful and is not intrusive. However, you will learn a great deal about yourself and the workings of your mind. You will explore the mind/body connection and learn new ways to react to certain situations and people. Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for many individuals. You may be someone who greatly benefits from the Neurofeedback approach.

Peak Achievement Training enhances three dimensions of mental processing:

Focus:   ‘single-pointedness’ of concentration on a perception, thought, or image.

Alertness/Arousal:  Results from mental effort or interest. 

Awareness/Neureka:  Clarity and understanding.

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