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Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy | The Refined Mind<br>Donna J. Cole LSCW

Your intimate relationship is most likely the most important relationship in your life. If you feel that something is not right with your relationship...

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Neurofeedback | The Refined Mind<br>Donna J. Cole LSCW

EEG Neurofeedback is an effective solution to many imbalances within the brain that include attention problems, traumatic...

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy | The Refined Mind<br>Donna J. Cole LSCW

Whether you are confronting a life change that has left you wondering how to deal with life, or you are attempting to move past a loss of a loved on...

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If you believe you and your loved ones may benefit from couples and fan,ily therapy, we are here for you.

Welcome to The Refined Mind
Donna J. Cole LSCW

Refining the mind refers to a process by which an individual retrains the brain to react to stimuli in a more healthy and positive manner. If an individual suffers from anxiety, the brain may be retrained to remain relaxed when the individual is confronted with anxiety triggers. If an individual Is 11aving problems with grief and sadness, the brain may be retrained to move past the recurring thoughts of sadness and loss. There is hope. Refining your mind will help you look at life in a new light. 

Once you have decided to consult with a psychotherapist, making the first appointment is a major step. If you live in the Denver, CO area, make an appointment to meet with me. We will forge a partnership and explore those issues that are ,naking your life difficult. We will select an avenue of therapy that is right for you. 

During your first appointment. we will discuss the reasons you are seeking therapy. We will Identify the areas of your life for which you are seeking a change. Perhaps you are dealrng with sadness or grief. Maybe you are seeking relief from anxiety issues. Your life may have taken a recent change in direction. You may have emotional concerns or relationship concerns. During your first appointment, we will explore the reasons why you have decided to consult with a psychotherapist. 

You can expect a non-judgmental environment of acceptance and trust from those in our office. We will discuss therapy options that are available to you to address the reasons you are seeking treatment. You are an active part of the process. In fact, our relationship is a partnership and your well-being depends on our partnership being a successfu I and productive one. 

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